Miley Cyrus went To Canada

Miley Cyrus was in Canada over the weekend for the Much Music awards and she broke out her sexiest outfits yet. The more people criticize her for being too sexy too soon the less clothes she wears. At this rate she will be doing a fully nude show on her 18th birthday. During the show she shook her ass and danced like a stripper and it was jailbait perfection. More images after the break...

When I saw the black outfit it reminded me of a time several years ago when I went to a massage parlor. I thought I was going to get a regular massage. When the masseuse walked in she was wearing a very similar outfit. I was sure that she was going to offer me a happy ending. When I pulled the towel off and let her see my junk she just smiled, reached down and smacked me in the balls. Let this be a lesson to you all. If a girl looks hot and dresses like Miley, no matter how much money you offer her and how nice you ask, she is will end up smacking you in the balls.

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