Tyra Banks Looks Good

Tyra Banks has been looking super hot recently and these pics prove it. I think it all started when some people got some shots of her at the beach looking kind of fat and not so hot. She flipped out on her show and said she was still a size six and she wasn’t out of shape. She even stripped down to a bikini on her show to show this off. Of course the amount of time from when the pics hit and when she showed off was about two months so you know she was working out like a demon to get fit. More images after the break...

I also loved it when she put on the fat suit and hit the street and was shocked when people didn’t treat her like a queen. Imagine that, famous, hot models get treated better than average fat girls. How the shock and drama. However, all this said it is good to see her going back to being quiet and looking good which is the Tyra we all want.

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