Sophie Monks B*kini Shots

Sophie Monk is hard at work doing what Sophie Monk does which is to say that she is busy looking good wearing next to nothing. This girl has been part of a singing group, has a solo singing career and has been in over 10 movies and I have never heard her speak, nor have I seen her wearing anything more than a bikini. And I’m completely okay with that. Here she is in a magazine and on vacation.
I actually think the bikini should be the new hot girl uniform. Read and See More images after the break...

Wherever a hot girl goes or whatever she does she should do it in a bikini. Sophie has that down to a science, now we just need to get other hot girls to follow suit. I know it sounds sexist and women will tell me that I  should then be forced to wear a Speedo everywhere I go, but honestly I am so amazingly good looking that if I went out in public in a Speedo society would come to a halt. It is best I stick to wearing just my man-skirt while I sit safely in front of the computer and out of the public eye. That is the only way I can ensure the public safety.

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