Hollywood Celebrities for fourty

Jennifer Aniston - 41 years.
Fourty is the age. It decided to prove the three most prestigious fashion magazine Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar selecting for their September covers of Hollywood beauties who are already over 40. But as we all know Hollywood beauty factory, and it is not surprising that women from the world they look great at any age. We present our rating of the most stunning beauties who for 40 versions of three famous magazines. More celebrities after the break...

 Halle Berry - 44 years.

Julia Roberts - 42 years. 

Sandra Bullock - 46 years.

Kristin Davis - 45 years.

Julianne Moore - 50 years.

Demi Moore - 47 years old, mother of three children and wife of 29 year old Ashton Kutcher.

Salma Hayek and her 43 years.

Vanessa Williams - 47 years.

Nicole Kidman - 43 years.

Elizabeth Hurley - 45 years.

Courteney Cox - 46 years.

Maria Bello - 1943.

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