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Asin ThottumkalAsin is back in Anurag Basu's Silence doing the role that she had been originally signed for and then opted out of. A source from the team says, "Asin was approached by Anurag to play either of the two heroines in Silence. Asin chose to be the narrator.Then Anurag approached Priyanka Chopra to play the second female lead as a mentally-challenged character. Priyanka agreed to do the role. The next thing we knew was that Katrina Kaif was playing the character that was offered to Asin."

Soon Katrina opted out too, because she found Priyanka's role more challenging. Says a source close to Asin, "Asin loved the character of the narrator she was offered and it has come back to her. She has no clue what transpired in between. There was too much confusion about the casting."
Asin confirmed, "Yes, there is truth to what you've heard. But I am not at liberty to speak about it. As for why after all these months again is a question you'll have to ask them."
She also added, "Let me make it clear that I will never opt out of a film to avoid a co-star. In fact it would be a pleasure to work with Priyanka." Not too 'asin'ine for you, Asin. Piggy's bright.
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